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Join us! If you want a promising future and if you are committed, join us. There is a generation gap in the marine insurance human
resources markets, in other words demand is largely over the supply that a prospect is guaranteed. We are also committed to the
industry that we provide extensive on-job training to our staff who are committed to develop his/her career in the marine insurance
industry. We are a team of committed, experienced and highly motivated people. We value integrity, precision and enthusiasm.
If you feel like joining us, please drop us your CV to Ace.Hong@seains.com.hk . We shall keep it with top confidential.

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  Hull and Machinery Insurance   Protection and Indemnity Insurance Marine Cargo Insurance   Loss of Hire Insurance 
  Towage Insurance   Time Charterer's Liability Insurance   Marine Cargo Consequential Loss Insurance Delay Insurance
  Tugs & Barges Insurance   Shiprepairers' Liability Insurance   Marine Cargo Owners Legal Liability Insurance Reinsurance
  Shipbuilders' Risks Insurance   Marine Liability Insurance   Containers Insurance Claims
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