Our Products:

   Hull and Machinery Insurance
        ・Tugs and Barges
   Marine Cargo Insurance
        ・Consequential Loss
        ・Owners Legal Liability
   Shipbuilders’ Risk Insurance
   Loss of Hire Insurance
        ・Delay Cover
   Containers Insurance
   Protection and Indemnity Insurance
   Time Charterer’s Liability Insurance
   Shiprepairers’ Liability Insurance
   Marine Liability Insurance
        ・Freight Forwarders’ Liability
        ・Terminal Operators’ Liability
        ・Errors and Omission Liability

Hull and Machinery Insurance
The Hull and Machinery Insurance is designed to cover physical damage risks during marine operations, including
collisions, machinery breakdown and other accidents. We have extensive experience in dealing with all types of
commercial risks. Whether they are bulkers, bunker tankers, container vessels, reefers, or any other commercial
vessels, we will have a thorough understanding of your requirements and will work with you to generate the best
solution for the placement of insurance to protect your assets.
  • Towage Insurance

Towing is a complicated procedure which requires particular focus on the stresses exerted on the Tug, Barge and
the tow cable connecting the two vessels. The parting of a tow cable at sea can lead to a difficult and dangerous
re-connection process and may lead to the loss of the towed vessel (barge & cargo). Therefore you need an
experienced and trusted insurance broker to find the suitable coverage, our competence is well recognized for
this area.

  • Brown waters (Tugs and Barges)

The term "brown-water" refers to hull and liability coverage for tugboats, barges, dredges and other types of
commercial vessels and businesses that operate primarily on or near inland and coastal waterways. These risks
are covered by other sets of insurance companies than the blue water risks. We are one of the few insurance
brokers in the market to provide service to such a specialized area. Please contact us if you require a quotation.

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