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        ・Terminal Operators’ Liability
        ・Errors and Omission Liability

Time Charterers’ Liability Insurance

Most ships are chartered either on a Time Charter or Voyage Charter contract. In both cases the charterer becomes
liable as he occupies a position similar to an owner towards the sub-contracting party (either a subcharterer or a cargo
owner). Liabilities towards third parties are then broadly similar to those of a shipowner including liabilities for cargo
and oil pollution. Simultaneously, the charterer assumes liabilities towards the party he charters the ship from - the
vessel owner or another charterer. Primarily, this type of liability relates to vessel damage caused by, for instance,
cargo-handling, unsafe port or berth and bad bunkers. Charterers in any role, whether as voyage charterers or time
charterers, need cover for this exposure. Our clients will benefit from comprehensive liability and defense cover, an
establish global network of correspondents, no conflict of interest with shipowner’s P&I insurance cover, and others.
You have a choice of insuring your liability with either a mutual P&I Club or a fixed premium facility.

If you are cargo owners and are concerned of your legal liability, please refer to Marine Cargo Owners Legal Liability

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