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        ・Terminal Operators’ Liability
        ・Errors and Omission Liability

Terminal Operator’s Liability insurance

Terminal Operator’s Liability Insurance provides liability, property and equipment cover to marine terminals, stevedores,
inland clearance depots, river terminals, container freight stations, container storage depots and airfreight handling terminals.
Freight terminals may be operated by steamship companies, port authorities or virtually any owner or lessee of waterfront

At the terminal, vessels can dock and cargo can be loaded, unloaded, and/or temporarily held in storage awaiting further
transit. Generally, the Terminal Operator's coverage will extend to include the loading and unloading. A further element
of exposure might be his obligation to provide safe berth for vessels. This type of liability cover is frequently all-inclusive
and there may be overlapping of coverages with the Comprehensive General Liability policy. The Terminal Operator's
Policy form must be designed to provide clear-cut coverages and specific exclusions. Throughout the market there are
countless forms in use and all are tailor-made to suit the specific need of the specific Terminal Operator.

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